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Dumping shipwrecks rusting/decaying
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Teeny Tiny Boobies

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I am pleased that the old thread is still around >>1687355,
and even more pleased to continue it here.
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World War 2

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Lets get another proper World War 2 thread going. This time Hi-Res photos will include captions.

I'd encourage those who save the pictures to save them with the information. If the titles are too long:

>Right click on the image and click Properties
>Go to the "Details" section
>Paste the descriptions in the Title, Subject or Comment sections, they can hold much more text.
>Images I post will usually already include the descriptions there but just in case.

>Sobornaya Street, Gatchina in Russia. 1942 on the left (Soviet Union) & 2011 on the right (Russia).
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Meh enough celebs, it's car-porn tyme! Let's start with Lamborghini's latest example of sex-on-wheels, the Veneno.
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Vintage science fiction

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i would like to see more high resolution covers or just images of old fashion science fiction :3
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Hi,Hi, i'm looking for vintage images of robots.

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poster, foto, in hr
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Present for you /hr/. A year or so ago some legendary dude was posting hi res arthropod pics. I started my /hr/ folder to house them, and now, a year later, my /hr/ folder is 20gb in size. So I figure it's time to treat those who haven't seen them to these lovely pictures.
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I am requesting pictures of rabbits. Please post em if You've got em.
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Granting wish
High res yoga/legging
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This thread shows Cartographies of contemporary political, social and economic systems. The visual analysis of transnational capitalism is based on extensive research. Revealing what normally remains invisible, these visualizations of interests and co-operations re-symbolize the unseen and hidden.

>>Related videos:
>>Bush/Kerry Skull and Bones Question Avoidance

>>The Capitalist Conspiracy - Must watch

>>Twelve Confrontations of Bilderberg 2012

>>Farage Attacks Bilderberg EU President As Quiet Assassin Of Nation States

>>Television talk show host Pat Kenny is accused by a member of the audience of not informing the Irish public of the secret Trilateral Commision, the member is then shut down immediately

>>Media collusion with Bilderberg Group confirms hidden agenda - Gerard Batten MEP

>>"Occult Forces"

>>Justin Trudeau On Bilderberg, Power Corp, And The Bank Of Canada

>>Hillary Clinton accidentally admits that the CFR runs this nation

>>The Globalists' Agenda - New World Order Quotes from Politicians (1950 - 2009) Part 1

>>>>Canada - The Bilderberg Group
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