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Why is jasmine such a slut ?
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ITT: Ugly characters you'd still fuck the shit out of in a heartbeat.
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dear /co. we need some cosplay here..
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/co/splay thread pt. 2

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old thread
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I don't know what the comics are like, but the art is well done.
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It's-a me, Mario!

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Gather around, everyone, it's story time!

We're taking Mario's Time Machine back to 1992, when Nintendo Power featured a 12-month-long comic about amazing adventure in the lands of Mario. And 21 years later, it's still a fun read and a glimpse at the days when Mario truly ruled the video game empire.

So grab some mushrooms, comb out your Raccoon Tail, and keep an eye out for Koopa Troopas, and let's begin the tale of magic and adventure!
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Remember when Loki disguised himself as one uptown american writer, lived in Paris, married a crazy woman and did that one famous book about jazz parties?
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Do I dare turn the pages?
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/co/, you need to fucking watch this shit
It's the beautiful autobiographical tale of a down on his luck man who falls in love with a giant purple skunk girl.
Someone actually "animated" 15 minutes of this
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