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Sup /toy/, I found a few revoltechs at a local comic book shop this afternoon, but one of them has a bit of a problem.

The Mazinkaizer uses a few old peg-in-hole joints around the shoulders, and one of these is realy, realy loose.

It isn't a revoltech joint giving me the trouble, what would you recomend to help me tighten it up?
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S.H Figuarts

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Are they better than S.I.C?
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After the holidays, I'll have enough for this...anyone jealous? :3


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hey /toy/! I found this guy today when I went to my local walmart, and even though I didn't really want him, I picked him up in hopes that a fellow /toy/solider would give him a good home. I need to figure out how to determine who gets him. more details to follow later!
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Hey /toy/

Remember this?
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/toy/ Secret Santa/Kris Kringle

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Ok, everyone is too focussed on AnonHenry in the other thread, so I'm starting a new one to get some actual input.

Here's how it goes:

1. Buy a toy.
2. Send me an email containing:
a. The toy you bought.
b. Your address
c. Whether or not you are willing to send shit overseas (at your expense)
3. I send you an email back, with an address to send your toy to.
4. You send your toy off on an epic journey to some other /toy/soldier.
5. A package arrives on your front step with a Christmas present from Anonymous!

Now, this can only work if I get enough of a response. I've got one email so far, but I obviously need lots more.
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So upon close inspection and comparing the regular Prowl to pics of the samurai version I do believe he will have at least one shuriken.
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so /toy/ is for under 12 year old right? never even been on here before