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You know who needs a figma...
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Masterpiece Optimus Prime for £35/$55

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Re-Create this comic with your toys

Bonus if they're an actual robot and dinosaur
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Here's one for you guys. Draw a few of your "desk bros." We get so many "take pictures of your desk bros" threads, so I figured I'd try something new.

Can't draw? Well, neither can I. That's the fun!
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Mexican bootleg simpsons thread. Found this on ebay.
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Operation: Bring Home The Green

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Flight Delta 079B took fire flying over hostile territory and has crashed landed a few miles from an enemy encampment. After recovering from disorientation, you get up and perform a personnel/weapons check. Your surviving team consists of:
Yourself (Lieutenant)
1 Communications/Technical Expert
2 Heavy Weapons specials with 8 bazooka rounds total
1 Pyrotechnics Engineer
3 Marksmen armed with semi automatic rifles
2 SMG gunners

The crash site is generating a lot of smoke and an enemy patrol will soon arrive to investigate.

Do you:
A. Find hiding positions and wait for the enemy patrol, then plan a course of action.

B. Take initiative and plan to ambush the patrol.

C. Flee the scene to avoid unnecessary conflict.
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Pose your toys like this. Bonus points if you've got an actual bed for them.
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New thread with final versions.

For the benefit of our guests from /v/ and anyone else who may seek to drain their wallets.
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Toy Story X: World Domination

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Dunno what happened to the last thread but it was pretty fun. Thought I'd try to start it up again.

This is World Domination, toy style.
Toys posted ending in evens become goodies, odds become baddies. The toy who roles 1 is team leader for the goodies, 0 is leader for the baddies.

Once the slots are full, the attacking begins (rules will be posted.
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Considering our multitude of guests from /v/, I figured it was time for an easy image to share for this sort of thing.

Anything that needs fixing?
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