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ITT: Post cool trains.
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ITT: Pics of buses in your area
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Post 'em Airports new thread Mk 6 .... starting with SVO
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When did /n/ become so unpleasant? This used to be a nice place, but now everyone is just cunts and assholes to anyone who posts. Seriously, what the fuck happened in the past year that changed the mood here so much?
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Hey, /n/ewfag here.

I like subway maps, could you guys post cool subway maps?

I find them fascinating because they let us know how cities are built, in the broadest sense.
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You cyclists are a menace to society!!!

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First time i heard about it.

On that note, yesterday i saw a kid riding a leisure bike through a 5-way intersection on a red light. in heavy fucking traffic. on the left side of the lane. passed right by my car. faggot wasnt even wearing a helmet.

I raged.
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Favorite Plane

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Anyone have a favorite plane? A nobody like me would base this purely off of the plane's appearance, but if you're a pilot I'd be interested in knowing your favorite planes.
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Continued from >>234126

Post 'em Airports new thread Mk 5 .... starting with BCN
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Tiny Mustache-Raking Gnomes Ahead
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