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Pure, sisterly love.

I'll start off with some Touhou who have only platonic, totally healthy affection for their siblings.
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4chan 9th birthday

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Come gather round /u/, it’s a special time of year
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Continued from >>1274760

>Info: You got a Kicker Fruit.
>Clitrub: I found it! I found the Kicker Fruit!
>Tyltalis: If we make the medicine from this, Murno's fever will...
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Black Rock Shooter

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So what does /u/ think of Black Rock Shooter? I'm hitting the first episode and it seems pretty related. The gayness is almost tangible.
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>Clitrub: Oh hi, Master. You too, Tyltalis.

continued from >>1269669
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>Name...? The name...!
>Text: My name is...

continued from >>1268707
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fiction & fanfiction

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Naruto yuri
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Fugi Ji

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Continue from >>1070109

Last fugi theath is in pic limit, and I really need to upload this new comic abaout Shizuka and Touko WHOLE story. Great new year gift.
Hopefully somo of our traslators can work on it.
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Xmas Drawthread 2.0

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Ok /u/, let's try this again.
NOT TAKING ANY MORE REQUESTS, but I'll be posting /u/ related commission work and remaining requests from the previous thread (which got hilarious trolling and butthurt and thus I deleted it).

Second shot at this Haunting Ground commission since the last try was shitty.

some things I think should be cleared up:
I'm not the best artist around, never was never will be. Perfectly aware of that.
Artists don't get good at drawing by sitting on their ass doing nothing. This is why I offer to take requests here (practice, practice is awesome).
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