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/an/ Athropod thread.


Anything to do with them, pets, finds etc

Mycology as.well because I dig musbrooms. Going on a hike soon. Will take pics of everything/anything I come across..

Thanks for participating.
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gif thread.
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a/n, what is the most beautiful looking dog in your opinion?

pic related, its mine. the aussie shepherd.
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red panda gifs pls they make me happy pls
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Bird thread!

Post birds!

Bonus points if they're awesome birds like the bearded vulture.
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FUCKIN CHEETAHS! LOOK AT EM!!!! But seriously, cheetahs are amazing. Can you imagine being able to run 70+ mph? Or being pounced on by a cheetah running at 70+ mph?
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Have you ever heard of a seeing eye cat?
you have now.
this is a story copied from ar15.com (a gun forum), but I doubt /k/ would care for this.

A lot of readers think that I have the little guy trained. Come on, think about it. Has anyone ever seen anyone get a cat to do anything that a cat didn’t want to do? Hah!

Fat chance! You should live so long!

No, a cat is a cat, and trying to get a cat to act like a dog is like trying to get a brick to carry on an intelligent conversation. On the other hand, one might have better luck with a brick.

The SEC will walk with me on a damned short leash, but that’s about all. The only reason the little guy will do that is because he knows that it’s the only way he can get out of the house.

Today I decided to take the little guy into Lowe’s. I also decided, rather foolishly, to put myself at the mercy of the little bastard. I decided to give him a long leash and see what happened.

I short-leashed the little guy into Lowe’s and got him into the main aisle before I cut him some slack. The place wasn’t too crowded, so I felt safe doing so. Of course, being a cat, he promptly jumped on top of a display and took a nap, leaving me standing there with my thumb up my ass and a leash in my hand for about twenty minutes.

I stood there and muttered threats, much like Popeye in the early cartoons.
After about twenty minutes, I grew impatient and growled at him. He woke up, hopped off of the display and started down the aisle. After a couple aisles, he wandered into the tool cage, with me firmly attached to the little guy.
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Animals That Are Fucking Badass

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Nature is wonderfully colourful, so let's post /an/-related pictures where beautiful colours and patterns are present!

Beautiful lack of colours is also approved of!
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