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Holy shit, my cat will NOT shut the fuck up. I just got this cat a few weeks ago and she loves me too much. She sits outside my bedroom door and meows over and over and over and over and over unless I finally let her in. I can yell at her and scare her and stuff, but that only stops her for a moment. My room isn't warmer or nicer than any other room, and I'm not the only person who lives here.
I have 2 other cats and they never do this shit. I love her and all, but goddammit will she leave me the fuck alone for a change?
Pic is her.

Your reptiles and amphibians

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Post pictures of all your reptile and amphibian pets.

I'll start out with my alligator lizard.
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Keep it going!
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It's Fishing Cat appreciation time.
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Why do you hate animals, /an/?


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Pinball cat sez hello.
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Alright guys. I need to know some stuff. I got a speech coming up and was gonna right it over the sex life of the African Red Ant. Because thats what the teacher keeps joking about us doing not expecting anyone to take him up on it.

Anyway, anyone know if there is actually a specie called African Red Ant or should I just pick one of the many red ants in africa?

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So friends, this was my first trip into /an/ -on 4chan at least, on other sites /an/ is anal...-- and I did not find a "get your pets high" thread. I don't have a pet, but I'm sure your furry friends want a hit.

If anyone doesn't know, you should blow un-inhaled smoke into the animals face just before they inhale. Or, if you want to inhale it first to remove some of the carcinogens or something, blow it into their face like 6 times. Or buy an oz and mix with some apple sauce. Pic unrelated because you're not high enough right now.