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AFO is gay

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Anyone hitting this up?

(Its in Vancouver btw)
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will anonymous be there? roll call
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ITT: panel video

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To put an end to the countless threads asking about it, yes, there will be a panel video. We have roughly 3x the media to pour through and 5x the transitions to set up this year versus last, so it's just going to take a bit of time.

If you want to inquire about the video, please do it in this thread instead of shitting up the rest of /con/. Thanks.
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Hentai panel that was after /b/ one

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need moar of her please
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Anime St. Louis; Did anyone go this year, and will anyone go NEXT year? Pic related, even if it's a horribly done shit-banner.
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What if somebody shot Moot in the heart, and all of a sudden you hear RESSURECTION in the background and he bans everyone from real life?

Now that I have failed as far as a man can, I have a question:

How would you deal with the legion of Gaiafags and idiots that believe in rule 1 and 2?
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Moots' face is priceless in this picture. :D
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So this is a secret forum now?

Anyone going to CN Anime/Fan Expo in a couple of weeks? Last year there wasn't much interesting beyond the dealer's room, although I did have fun at some of the tabletop gaming events.
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