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Hottest cosplayer at Otakon.
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Anyone else at the Democratic National Convention?
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AWA - scheduling and preparation

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Okay, Otacon is awesome, that is established.
The next 'big' thing is AWA, which has also had /con/ opened for it, as well as the still rumored semi-regular attendance of either Moot and/or Snacks; and is the reason for this thread.
First off, last year was my first 4chan meet-up at any convention and I had a great time. From the march to and from Steak 'n Shake - and the intermittent overload of their servers (waiters lolpuns), to the grand chase of that one Bleach cosplayer across the grand patio, it was a great experience for me and others I am sure.
Which brings me to the purpose of this thread: scheduling and preparation. Although I did have a wonderful time, I also missed out on the /m/ meet-up due to time conflicts, i.e. both happening at the same time. This year, I would like to be able to not only enjoy the wonderful feeling of stomping about to some random location for no reason at all, I would also like to get together with my /m/ friends and Shii's dfc; and I am absolutely positive that other board regulars would like to hold their own meet-ups and still be able to make it to the great 4chan conglomeration. For that reason, I offer this thread so that all boards may make plans proper which do not interfere or conflict with one another too much, for the maximum experience of Oh God I Can't Believe We Did That, that Was Awesome.

(Also, to the pet(slave?)girl I led back from the restaurant, I had a great time and would have liked to speak with you while we were at the restaurant but I had a dramafag clung to my side like a tick bawwing the whole time and couldn't get away.)

tl;dr: HUBCAP!
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Why the fuck aren't cons 18+ only?
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So...who remembers the obscenely drunk guy Saturday night around 8PM on the third floor? He was being such a fucking tool.

Also, pic somewhat related, as pedobear protected our tiny friend from an attack by the drunk guy right after pic was taken.
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Anyone else see this girl?
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Dont forget in my area
ShadowCon XIII
January 9th & 10th, 2009

Mephit Fur Meet 2008
Labor Day Weekend 2008
Memphis, Tennessee

midsouth con
March 20-22, 2009 Memphis, TN

Post any more cons that you know
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