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>texting this girl I like but I'm 99% sure I'm friendzoned with
>haven't seen her in a few weeks
>she got a new tattoo
>ask her to send me a picture
>sends me pic related

Is she hinting at something? Would she send this to me if she didn't want me to ask her out? Or is it just that she's so comfortable with me because she doesn't see me in a sexual way.
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My GF and I recently started having sex. I'm not sure the best way to explain it, so I'm going to come right out and give examples of things she says during sex.

>You're doing great!
>You're technique and fundamentals are really good. (while going down on her)
>Yes! Keep going! You can do it!
>That's really good. You've reached your goal and I'm going to cum (This is an EXACT quote!)
>Wow! That's good. You must have been practicing!
>That’s IT! You’re doing beautifully
>You did that very well. I came really hard. I knew you could do it
>I’m very proud of you

Mind you, let me reiterate, these are things she is saying while we are having sex. Yes, while we are fucking, she keeps saying all these words of encouragement. What is she, my fucking coach? I',m so flabbergasted by this, I don't even know what to say to her. She doesn't even really talk dirty, she just will shout all these words of encouragement.

I really have to dig deep in my mind for really dirty thoughts to stay in the mood because to me it is so ridiculous that I just want to burst out laughing sometimes. What is this all about? I mean do you think maybe she is not comfortable with talking dirty and this is her way of dealing?

It's seriously fucking weird.
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alright /adv/ reality time
>be 14 in high school
>join choir
>meet choir teacher, 29 year old gay man, and a bunch of new friends
>hang around choir room ALOT and hang out with teacher alot, most amazing man in the world
>its like a family in there
>turn into favorite of teacher
>others get jealous of me and resent me for getting most attention
>fall in love with girl Valerie
>fast forwards 2 years later
>teacher confessed love for me
>freak out
>respect him to much to say anything to anyone

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I think I'm losing it.

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Long ago, I took it upon myself to go through the process of 'self-improvement'. This path led my to lots of introspection and constant questioning of myself. More importantly though, it led me to the questions of how the mind works and the intricacies of consciousness. I got into meditation, and started to look at the extrovert and introvert mindset. Also, importantly, I began to look at the mindfulness mindset as opposed to having constant though. I think it should be known, before I go on, that I am extremely intelligent. I have a massive working memory. So, to continue, meditation and mindfulness led to me questioning how I use my consciousness and it led me to discovering, that there are really 2 ways that I can function. I can either be first person, seeing and hearing everything, feeling, and essentially 'looking through my eyes', or I can look at everything from a third person perspective, almost as if I am controlling this body from some sort of divine spectator behind it. When I am third person, everything is automatic. I tell myself to sit and type, and it happens. I tell and imagine myself at the gym cranking out extra dead-lift reps, and it happens. This takes off many limits which I have on myself, both physical in the gym, and socially, and everything. It is very odd, though, because it raises the question; what am I? And is this the best way to function, as opposed to the other way, which I would call first person view, or mindfulness. I would also compare this first person view to being extroverted and the 3rd person view to being introverted MAYBE. In the first person view, I am limited, it seems. I can lift less at the gym. I get twitchy when I talk to girls.
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So my boyfriend's roommate is threatening to sue me over a jacket.

I took it yesterday morning since I was cold and needed a jacket for uni since it's starting to get cold.

I get home and he sees the jacket and tells me I should have asked before, I apologise and explain I was in a rush and thought it was my bf's jacket.

He looks it over and flips the fuck out because there is a tear on one of the sleeves. Now he's trying to make me pay $1200 for the fucking jacket. I don't even know why he would pay that much. I can't afford this shit and it's his fault for buying overpriced clothes.

What do I do? He's threatening to take it to court. Can't I just pay for repairs?
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So, I was visiting the science museum with my daughter who is really, really into outer space science. She also has mild ADHD which always makes things exciting. Well, we met a female scientist there who talked to my daughter for almost an hour. Afterwards, my daughter told me to ask her out because she wants "her as [her] mommy forever". My daughter actually got her phone number and said she'd told the woman I was going to call her.

My daughter loves her so much, but this woman is extremely intimidating to me. She is way, way out of my league - to an extreme degree. I never even speak to women half as gorgeous as she is and I have never met a woman who is as intelligent as she is. I am an accountant, a single father, and my looks are average, at best.

What on earth do I do with this woman? I don't want to hurt my daughter and I also could never have dreamed of having a date with a woman like this.
I DO NOT want to fuck this up but I have no idea what I am doing. How do I impress this woman? Do I bring my daughter? What sort of date is good? Was this woman even serious or was she just being nice to my kid? There are so many ways this can go terribly...

I am totally clueless. Looking for help and advice all over the internet and I know you guys sometimes give ok advice soI thought I might cover all my bases... Thank you.
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So I'm texting a girl, and i manage to score a movie date. However, she just texted me "just as friends, right? :)"

what do i reply? how can i get out of this? i dont want a relationship i just wanna fuck her

the convo:

ME: Hey skyfalls playing at the theatre feb 22

HER: haha man your persistent.

HER: well that sounds like a lot of fun. wanna go?

ME: persistent was my middle name. how does 8pm on fri sound?

HER: that sounds great. just keep reminding me lol but I already saw skyfall.... haha jk. see ya friday.

ME: holy shit samantha's got jokes .. had me for a sec haha see ya then

her: friends only ok:)

sorry for reposting just need help its been too long since ive been laid
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A girl just asked me out on a date via e-mail!!!!!!!! This is only the second or third time this has happened in 9+ years...

Wat do, /adv/?

Pic related, it's me on a Friday night (sans girl).
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>tfw finding out long distance girlfriend of 2 years is actually a man
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mfw doubts approachs to women

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So apparently Im not all that attractive (im young btw) and bitches in my school have high standards.

I always reconsider moving onto a girl that I feel I can work with for a few months, always getting the idea that they immediately will only see me as a single friend and not a lover. I mean, I don't like to fuck around with women that much (flirting and such, i mean, it just makes me feel bad for some reason) I was recently friendzoned by this very slutty girl after going out with her for a month, and im still pretty pissed because she easily moved on within the next week. Now I feel all beta and shit because now I look like a pushover, and no girl wants a pushover

how to overcome this? I'm not completely cutting off my ex but im not going to be around her like I used to be, because quite honestly, she pisses me off

>Tl;DR tips on how to approach women when the world sees you as weak?
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