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Warhammer 40k model thread

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Guess the board got wiped. I'll post my stuff and a few links.

You can find most of Patoroch's models here...
Pic is of his Contemptor pattern Dreadnought I just built along with a Tau Crisis Suit for scale.
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Papercraft and Origami General

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I'm aware this won't be a sticky, but it will be close (since threads last freaking forever on /po/)

General Info for the Papercrafting Public

Don't bump a thread within the first couple days. If it's still in the first 5 pages, you're good for a while.

Google before asking for something. 80% of the time it'll be within the first 5 results. If you don't find it, then ask here.

The average glue used for papercraft is Aleene's Tacky Glue, and average paper is: Smaller projects - 32lb (120gsm) Larger projects - 60lb (comment for gsm here, I don't know it)

If something fails to open in Pepakura Designer, try it in Viewer. If it asks for a password, definitely try Viewer.

Pdos don't open on Mac without use of Bootcamp or virtualization to run Windows. So if you ask, let it be about one of those things.

You can print pdfs from a pdo with a PDF printer. A basic example of this is CutePDF - http://www.cutepdf.com

If you're having trouble with white edges, try edge coloring with something like colored pencils. If you're having trouble with white folds, ditch your laser printer.

Scissors work good for some parts, xacto knives for others. Try each out, see which one works best for you.

If you want to start making papercrafts (with models, not just build) look into programs like Metasequoia, Blender, Milkshape, Google Sketchup, or 3DS Max for 3D modeling and Photoshop or GIMP for image editing.

I'll compile a list of links for mentioned programs after this post. I also have no idea about origami, so if anyone has any comments relating to that, by all means go ahead. I probably missed a few things regarding papercraft too, so any (serious) suggestions are welcome.
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check these bitches
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Good news, /po/, I'm not dead! :D

After many, many months, I am excited to FINALLY be able to release Dog to the public! :D


-- 18 pages
-- 381 pieces
-- 11.9" x 9.6" x 9.6" (30.1 cm x 24.3 cm x 24.3 cm)

Yes, I know I said it would be done like... 2 months ago. Sorry about that. Part of the problem was that I totally underestimated the amount of stuff I had to fix. >.< I can't apologize enough, I know you've all been waiting for this model for a long time... but hey, at least I released it, right? :p Hopefully the awesomeness of the model will be enough to negate my procrastination.

Thanks everybody for your patience. ^_^
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Is there anyway to rip this model? I can't find any way to purchase it. I've had a look through the html and it seems to be an .mqo viewer written in flash.

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Helmets, masks, headgear thread.

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Post 'em, ladies.
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Hey /po/
just finished the first stage of my iron man arc reactor papercraft. uploading now.
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Tank thread

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Let's share the tanks papercraft we have.
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Gears Heart Papercraft

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Did the heart gears ever get complete working plans? It'd make a great christmas present...
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Transformers thread starts here.
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