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Just picked this up, should i scan it? or does it already exist somewhere
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Collections/finished models thread

Sorry, pictures are probably huge.
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hey po!

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can somone grab the models of this page and convert in a model plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Hey /po/, /v/irgin here. Saw that cubecraft thread in the archive and figured what the hey I'll try it out. Fun stuff.

So I figured out that printing these things on ordinary paper is a stupid idea. What should I get instead? Any other tips for somehow who knows nothing about this shit and has huge, twitchy hands?

Oh and any easy patterns that aren't cubecraft would be nice

paper cock

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paper cock
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sorry guys but i am so excited from thi s idea...it's not paper but i love it..

someone know how to do it or others subject?

Thrall Papercraft

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I'm using a mac, and pepakura doesn't have a mac version. I need a .PDO viewer for mac. Any options?
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Searching scans of the "Gundam MS-06F Zaku II Paper Action Model" including scans of the pre cuted parts
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hi im new here

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ok, so im sort of new to papercraft (ive been doing origami for a few years just as a trick when im bored, but never really cutting and glueing)

but i was just wondering what types of glue to use (is plain white elmer's fine?) and what type of paper to use (ive done a few little things with printer paper, but should i use special, thicker paper for projects like in this pic?) and any other tips/tricks would really be appreciated

pic semi related......its the project id like to do sometime soon :P
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/po/ I desperately need something to use besides 110lb cardstock and cardboard.

Are there other options?
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