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[1393863309] Searching for one book

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I'm searching for Bruce Feirstein's "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche"
Can't find it with google. Maybe somebody have this book on hard drive?
PS: Excuse me for my english. I'm stranger.

[1385167710] Websites to post stories

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I'm sure this has been posted a gazillions of times, anyway, what places do you know where you can post stories, sort of like youtube/deviantArt but for writers where you get readers, and possibly criticism?
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[1395389276] Think Like A Genius

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Think like a genius

Use the Mind Mapping technique to harness your brain power

Constantly ask questions that will get your brain working to find answers.

WHEN Leonardo da Vinci was learning how to draw at a young age, his Grand Master instructed him to draw an egg. He continued to draw the same egg for several months until he became frustrated. He felt he was not learning anything new and wanted to give up.

   The Master told him, if he observed the egg closely, he would discover that not every side of the egg was the same and he should draw the eggs differently from one another. The Grand Master bad taught da Vinci how to look at things from a different perspective, no matter how common they may be.

   Great geniuses like da Vinci possess a certain type of power which enable them to achieve great things. They are more creative, engage in critical thinking and tend to see things that "normal" people cannot. What is this so-called power? Can we think like geniuses and harness their power? Can we unlock the secrets of their minds?

Ask questions

When you start asking such questions, you are already practising what da Vinci was nurtured to do. He was always curious, had an inquisitive mind and asked all types of questions.

   The first principle in developing the mindset of a genius is to be insatiably curious about all things. This helps you to develop an unrelenting quest for continuous learning. Your questions may be simple and may even make you look stupid, but it will help to activate the problem solving function of your brain.

   Once your brain gets a question, it needs to complete the thinking process by finding answers to it. It naturally becomes uncomfortable if there is no closure to the question posed, and will still continue to find answers without you knowing. On the other hand, if you do not pose questions, the brain accepts the information as factual statements and will not start thinking critically.

   Da Vinci was an avid learner, practising what his Grand Master taught him - to "open up" all his senses during learning. Our senses are similar to that of the computer's input devices like the keyboard and mouse.

   Their main function is to enable data to be entered by the user, and deliver data to the Central Processing Unit for computing. Our multi-sensory organs such as our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin help us collect information about a certain subject and send it to the brain for analysis.

   The continual refinement of our senses will help us to study the data faster, synthesise the information and analyse the issues more critically.

Mind Mapping

We are living in a complex world, thus our thinking needs to be upgraded with new learning behaviours and techniques. Geniuses practise whole-brain thinking - a synergetic way of thinking which involves both their left- and right - brained skills.

   The left-brain skills are linguistics, arithmetic, logic and analysis. The right-brain skills involve music, visual colours, imagination, spatial awareness and day-dreaming. Great geniuses harness both to see things from different perspectives. Their whole brain approach helps them to invent things ahead of their time and to solve complex issues and problems.

   Now that we have unlocked da Vinci's secret codes, start asking questions and you will find answer to harness your brain power. How? Map out your thoughts and use Mind Mapping as a new thinking technique.

   It is a whole-brain thinking approach as it involves all your cortical skills such as pictures, words, lines, colours and spatial awareness. It is a structured thinking tool - it helps you to radiate your ideas, starting from the centre and branching out in all directions.

   It aids in thinking associatively and divergently, generating ideas at a much faster and creative way. You can now use the Mind Maps to help you think of infinite possibilities even if things,seem impossible at first. It is the tool of a genius.

[1395432501] Audio Books...

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Any recommendations for a decent Audio Book?

I Don't like female readers, they really manage to ruin any good book.
I like reads such as essays by Carl Sagan, Mein Kampf, generally Orwell. Astronomy would be preferred.

>inb4 meinkampf, essays by Carl Sagan, Mein Kampf....

[1381822987] The Secret Book Of The Gnomes

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Perpetual motion - does it exist?

For hundreds of years, humans and gnomes have tried to invent a machine that could go on working forever. Let's see what one wise gnome said about perpetual motion.

'I have travelled the world from east to west, visiting one court after another. I have had the pleasure and good fortune to see one of the oldest designs for a perpetual motion machine. The inventor of the machine shown below told me that: "When the wheel is spinning, the weights on the right will always be further from the centre of the wheel than those on the left". He believed that because the right side would always be heavier than the left, the wheel would never stop turning. But I didn't believe him.'

'He was correct in saying that the weights on the right side are always farthest away from the centre of the wheel. But he didn't realise that the number of weights on the right will always be less than the number of weights on the left. And that means the wheel will soon stop turning.'

The gnome was called Bengasi-gnomonius, and he drew this sketch in the year 1324 (the year of the square curve according to our gnome calendar).

'The other perpetual motion machine I saw is shown in the picture on the right. Here the heavy chain runs around a series of wheels. Whatever the position of the chain, the right side always weighs more than the left. The inventor thought that this would make the chain move around the wheel forever, without any human or gnome help. But does this complicated machine work?'

The manuscript of Bengasi-gnomonius ends here, so we cannot be sure whether his experiment was successful.

[1390769892] Futuristic space thrillers

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Gentlemen, I'm looking for modern 'futuristic space thrillers' like Mass Effect. My space thriller knowledge begins and ends in Asimov, and I'm not reading Perry Rhodan stuff. Already posted on /lit/

[1365075384] Recommend books about rape.

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From the viewpoint of the rapist or the rapee.
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[1385660650] Occult/Esoteric novels

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I'm looking for books in the vein of Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum, any suggestions?