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Ghost Girl

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Excuse me while I draw.
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Greetings from /v/. I was wondering if you guys could give me a history lesson of /i/, like memorable events and noteworthy drawfags (great, shitty, average, it doesn't matter; as long as the drawfag was more than a mere Anonymous).

Attached image is the only drawfag I've learned of from /v/, named Cap-tan or something I think.

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We broke the thread~
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ITT: We hide the fact that we have very little drawing tallent
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Oekaki virgin. Not sure if I like it, but whatever. Insert your own word balloons here! What's he saying? You decide!
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Island Coco

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bad proportions are bad
old thread 404'd, might do a TF2 picture tomorrow if I have time
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customer feet♥
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