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Fuck yeah, the Shocker.
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Soon I will be considered the greatest in the game
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free agents? more liek free SAGEnts amirite

inb4: 2 years shit, turrble
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I like training for soccer. But juggling is hella gay. does /sp/ have any better ways to train your touch?

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If it hasn't already been said and celebrated, and even if it has...

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Bowl Projections

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Poinsettia Bowl: Colorado State v. Arizona
EagleBank Bowl: NC State v. Navy
New Mexico Bowl: Air Force v. San Jose State
Las Vegas Bowl: TCU v. Arizona
St. Pete Bowl: South Florida v. Southern Miss
New Orleans Bowl: Troy v. Memphis
Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii v. Notre Dame
Motor City Bowl: Ball State v. Minnesota
Champs Sports Bowl: Miami v. Iowa
Emerald Bowl: Maryland v. Fresno State
Meineke Car Care Bowl: North Carolina vs. West Virginia
Texas Bowl: Rice v. Central Michigan
PapaJohn’s.com Bowl: Rutgers v. Western Michigan
Independence Bowl: Kentucky v. Louisiana Tech
Alamo Bowl: Northwestern v. Nebraska
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Blowing out the Spurs, so easy, a Chinese peasant could do it.