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Why are Lisp and Python so unusable?

Either you choose Lisp and the 50mb hello world, or Python and the world's slowest interpreter of all time.

Seems like C is the only legitimate programming language still around...
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>Mountan Lion has 200 new features for $20

>Windows 8 is a little faster and has metro for some ungodly amount of money
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RMS gets his laptop stolen in the middle of a conference in Argentina

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https://www.facebook com/ilmoncholucas/posts/4161512995151


Breaking news! Richard Stallman was robbed and no one noticed! Yesterday I found out from Marco Antonio de Hoyos that Richard Stallman was going to give a conference in the Faculty of Economics, and it would be his last conference in Argentina, at least until Argentina agreed to abandon its biometric identification scheme that it's using in many places. The talk consisted of what RMS's conferences are always about, which we already know. The big surprise occurred at the end of the conference, when "someone" stole Richard's bag and a cameraman's camera. Stallman had everything in his bag! He had his medicine, much of which he does not know the names of, his laptop with all his work on it, he lost an entire week's worth of work, he lost 1000 of his own dollars and even more money for the FSF, and he lost his passport!

Continued, check out #robaronstallman on Twitter for more, I'll keep doing translations.
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Lets see what happens when you open 66,466 viruses at start up.
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66,466 viruses
Several Anti Virus programs
Who will come out on top?

We've already seen an extremely embarrassing performance by Norton already.
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Story time niggahs.
Articles from "The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey".
Deal with it.
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Alright /g/, it's time to rage.
I give you... the WOW computer. Designed for Seniors®

My 86 year-old grandmother called me up about this and I had to fucking talk her out of wanting one. I hope this computer goes the way of the Barbie PC.
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so are you getting a Lumia 900 /g/?
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Once again Indie Dev, Notch, is pushed the bar to the limits with his latest invention.

His upcoming game will be based off a 16-bit emulated CPU, meaning the user can make their own games and what not while playing.

You can find his 16-bit CPU specification @ http://0x10c.com/doc/dcpu-16.txt (Please do not steal, original content)
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