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There's no Battlestation thread on page one.
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Ma desktop.
Your desktop?
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hey /g/
looking for some help, we're trying to crack the carrier block on my friend's new iPhone 4, because he wants it from Orange but it's on Vodafone

We've tried jailbreaking and using ultrasn0w from cydia, but it didn't work because ultrasn0w isn't up to scratch with the new iPhone 4's base band

anyone know how we can get this done, or at least have any theories or help?

thnks x

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So /g/, what's a good hypervisor? Which one do you use?

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I heard so much good things about ThinkPads on /g/, so I decided to get one myself.

u mad, u jelly?
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>Uncles calls be up from acrossed the state

"Hey, I 'm heading off to the dump, and I know your good with computer. I have a whole bunch of things I need you to look through. If you find anything, you can keep it"

> I rush over there and begin to look through. I find this ( pic related )

Challenge ACCEPTED.
Time to fix-er-up
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hey /g/ I need some help speeding up my computer... Pcs suck

Sent from my iPod