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[1305317522] Music Download Sites

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In your opinion, what is the best LEGAL music site to download music?  Considering low cost, quality and selection.

[1375738417] I'm looking for a song

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I'm looking for a song and was hoping you could help me.
All I can tell you about is the clip.

The animated clip featured some Bulgarian or Latvian story as far as I can remember. And a woman laying a baby afloat in the river. Can't recall much more, besides that the clip itself used very dark colors. The woman might've been blue or purple-ish in the clip.

[1379000228] Black Sabbath

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Fuck all you huge faggots.

Black Sabbath is better than whatever shit you like.

[1122869682] Jazz artists

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Hey guys,

Do you have any recommendations on good jazz artists? I'm sort of looking for  the style of the artists that sang cowboy bebops "Adieu", and MGS2's "Can't say goodbye to yesterday" You know, slow jazz with female vocals.

Anyway, thanks.


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I'm so bored let's discuss music people!!! what kinda music do u like?
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[1182025152] Megadeath VS. DRAGONFORCE

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The ultimaate rock battle, who are you rooting for?

I'd have to say DRAGONFORCE because of their hardcore shredding and soothing yet wicked lyrics. They may sound nerdy but they'll fuck your ass when they rock the fucking house.
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[1140444704] Dir en Grey in the US?

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I have been hearing around the internets about Dir en Grey coming to the US, but have yet to find any solid dates or cities. Does anyone have information about this?

[1374054294] Music with animal sounds in

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Let's discuss music with animal sounds in
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[1385912159] Music Obituary

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Living Jazz Legend 'Chico' Hamilton dies

New York - Foreststorn "Chico" Hamilton, an influential jazz drummer and band leader who was an architect of the West Coast cool jazz style and was known for discovering young talent, has died. He was 92.

   His publicist said he died on Monday of natural causes at his New York home.

   Hamilton recorded more than 60 albums as a band leader, beginning in the 1950s, and also appeared in and scored films. He was saluted as a Living Jazz Legend by the Kennedy Center.

   He continued playing into his 90s and recorded an album, Inquiring Minds, last month with his Euphoria ensemble which is scheduled for release early next year.

   Born in Los Angeles, he performed in a school jazz school jazz band that included saxophonist Dexter Gordon, bassist Charles Mingus and other classmates destined to become jazz greats.

   He worked as a sideman in the 1940s with Lionel Hampton, Count Basie and others. He toured with singer Lena Horne in 1948-55 and, between tours, did studio work and played with bands in Los Angeles.

   That was where he hooked up with baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan in 1952. Hamilton's subtle, creative drum playing was a key component of Mulligan's ground-breaking piano-less quartet, featuring trumpeter Chet Baker, that was pivotal in the creation of the mellower, more lyrical West Coast cool jazz sound.

   "I've always seen the drums as a melodic instrument, not a percussive one," Hamilton told jazz writer Marc Myers in 2009.

   In 1955, Hamilton began his career as a band leader. Later that year, he formed an unusually instrumented chamber jazz quintet - which included cellist Fred Katz, flautist Buddy Collette and guitarist Hall - that became one of the most influential West Coast jazz bands and gained national prominence.

   The group - with flautist Paul Horn and guitarist John Pisano - made a cameo appearance in the 1957 Burt Lancaster- Tony Curtis film, Sweet Smell Of Success. In the mid-1960s, Hamilton formed a company to score films and commercials.

   In 1987, Hamilton was a founding member of the jazz faculty at the New School University, where his students included John Popper of Blues Traveler and Eric Schenkman of The Spin Doctors.

   That same year, he formed a new band called Euphoria that toured and recorded extensively for the independent Joyous Shout! label, including releasing four new albums to celebrate his 85th birthday in 2006.

   Hamilton is survived by his daughter Denise, his brother Don, one granddaughter and two great-granddaughters. His wife, Helen, died in 2008.

Associated Press

[1369203078] Self-Advertising: Good or Bad?

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Is it bad that I Self-Advertise?  I've been trying to establish myself as a serious musician, but it seems that my actions are in vain, outside of my main Facebook page.
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