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[1370711855] Music Class And Examination

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ABRSM: the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music : http://www.abrsm.org , so those who make music had to be recognized by taking their examination?

[1371479965] you'll cowards dont even download flac

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mane i jus converted my 128kbs mp3s to flac i can reel feel the better quality :)

[1371322727] Yeezus has leaked!

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Kanye West has done it again!

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[1371593164] the Mountain Goats

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Anyone wanna talk about the Mountain Goats?

[1369992278] Love Song

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[1364676008] Check out my new song!

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Hey guys,

My name is Eductrix, A producer from The Netherlands. I make all kinds of music, but I focus on Dubstep, especially experimental things. I can guarantee you I will bring a whole different light to Dubstep, and show you things you've never seen or heard before.
If you have some time, please take just a few minutes to check out my newest track on my youtube page:

My EP will be released next month, this is a teaser for the EP. Thank you for your time!

Much love,
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[1370908227] sage

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>cool tunes