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[1303080280] The idea of music

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Has there ever been a chronicling of musical history on earth? That would cover a variety of cultures, musical practices and so forth.

[1369418745] headphones or speakers?

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moo is too busy looking at pictures

[1369421200] 2013 Sharethread.

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Just gonna post a bunch of stuff I've already posted from 2013. Nothing new that's uploaded, to reiterate.
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[1368134205] Daft Punk

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So when is someone here gonna breach the issues and leak the Daft Punk record already? Seriously, either leak it or leak something else. Leak the Queens Of The Stone Age. Leak the Earl Sweatshirt. Either leak the Daft Punk or leak something just as quality. MAKE IT HAPPEN, INTERNET, NOW!
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[1369112463] new darkwave/punk artist

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touring schedule (website)

NiteMirror is a 3 piece power trio formed in March 2013. The project is based out of Kansas City. The band blends many modern genres of music including punk, medal, new wave, noise, and electronic. They just released their debut Ep Slime City on independent digital release label Blindwave Records. Their first video single Tender Cereal was made by Italian artist Forevermidi, and was released via Youtube.

for free album email me
at blindwaverecords@gmail.com

[1367879439] Spooky Skeleton!

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You have been visited by the Spooky Skeleton! Repost this 3 times in the next 2 seconds or you will be visited by a Spooky Skeleton tonight! 95% of people will not post this..... and they will become skeleton.....
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[1170625844] Is Pink Floyd EMO?

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It sure seems so, and I know some people here agree.
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[1119000727] Worst Band To Happen To Music EVER

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Which band do you think deserves this award?

I'd say mine goes on 2 close-calls and one definite.

Close call 1: Taproot (Talentless hacks)
Close call 2: Creed (Do I even need to explain?)
DEFINITE WORST: My chemical romance. These goth-posers even tried to fucking cover David Bowie and Queens "Under Pressure". I wish I had gone to high school with these kids so I could've beat the shit out of them.
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[1278313357] dubstep remixes that are good

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find a post.  go.
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