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[1378143144] Hevy metal song name

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Hi all, i can't get the title of the song on this vid, is sure metal, i think is 80' or 90', is clear in the end of the vid.help me please.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQtUTbRHXDY
anyway enjoy the vid is mr travis rice on a big air.


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Dr. Lonnie Smith - Boogaloo To Beck
>soul jazz
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[1376899397] do you know this band?

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There's an boyband in Indonesia. The band's name is CJR (Coboy Junior), it's kinda like 1D, all of the band member is 12-14 years old. The band's songs is love songs, which is a little bit normal for 12 years old, but the band member s is kinda offensive. They do some sort of sexual (kissing, hugging, etc) deeds to young girls, which for some people it's not good, they copycat few famous people songs and styles. Their fans looks like they never get education and very offensive to people who hate CJR. There's also an issue that CJR was the member of the Illuminati cause there are few of their creations that has some subliminal contents.

The problem is CJR and their fans believe they have been famous in other country. So that's why I ask you. Do you know this band before you read this article?
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Where can I get some chill-out hip-hop and/or indie rap?
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[1371536189] Text boards

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What is the point in the text only boards? Can't you just do the same on the image board just with pictures and more people?
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