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[1196398097] Yo I need help

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I cant find this song anywhere, perhaps youve heard of it.

Christmas, Breaking down barriers
Christmas, What were made of

[1375524486] what do you think?

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We put a song on the internet.


[1381575485] feels thread

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>tfw boards are down for 7 hours now
>tfw no greentext
>tfw no gf

[1377111437] rap game hawthorne heights

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fish mixed his mother's prescriptions

[1381469021] KPG

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Temporary /kpg/ thread whilst the boards are down
Discuss Korean Pop Music here
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[1379044535] Form Your Own Music Band!

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You can use practically anything! Make sure they are not valuable. Do not waste -just recycle old things:

You will need:


aluminium cans

plastic bottles

glass bottles

rubber bands

tissue box

plastic pail

wooden, plastic and metal spoons

pebbles / beans / paper clips

Step 1

Gather your friends/neighbours/siblings for this exciting, cooperative hobby.

Step 2

Making the instruments:

Wind (blowing) instruments: Use glass bottles of the same size. Pour water at different levels into each of them. You may leave one bottle empty.

Supposing you have four persons for this section: let each one take a glass bottle and blow across its mouth. You will get a different pitch (level of sound) from each bottle. The one with most air and no water will give the lowest pitch, and vice versa. If the players blow in turns, you may get a musical scale (or part of it): "Do-Re-Mi-Fa ... "

Step 3

Stringed instruments: Fix some rubber bands across the hole of the tissue box. Pluck the rubber bands. TOING, TOING! Press your finger at different points of the rubber bands and you will hear a different pitch. There -you've just made a guitar!

   You can also use a hard piece of cardboard. Cut a trapezium out of it. Fix the rubber bands at different points. Since you have different lengths of rubber bands, you will get a range of pitch!

Step 4

Percussion instruments: This must be the best part! Since 'percussion' means 'striking one object against another', you can use just about anything to beat time!


Drum on the pail with your hands and fingers. Strike with the heel of your palm for the main beat and use your fingers for the little beats in between.


You may also use the spoon to beat the time. Try different types of spoons for the desired effect.


Step 5

The maracas:

Fill plastic bottles and/or aluminium cans with green beans/pebbles/paper clips. Seal them up and SHAKE THEM! Follow the beat of the drum (pail). You'll get a wonderful 'cha-cha' sound.

Step 6

Now ... put your band together! One person can be the conductor. The others watch his gestures to know when to play, pause and stop. READY? A - ONE, A - TWO, A - ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR ... !

(P.S. Be sure not to disturb your neighbours!)

[1380220928] E re Så Ni Vill Att Vi Ska Bli En Dag?

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E re Så Ni Vill Att Vi Ska Bli En Dag?
(Intro till TV-serien Bröderna Olsson (1987))
Sång och text: Orup

"Jäsikens rappakalja!"

E re så ni vill att vi ska bli en dag
så får ni faktiskt betala bra!
E re så ni vill att vi ska bli en dag
så får ni faktiskt betala bra!

Ska vi sluta att leka med vänner och djur?
...å se på TV varenda kväll?
Ska vi titta på världen som apor i bur?
...och gå till jobbet och vara snälla och
le åt människan vi inte tycker om?
...och göra samma saker flera timmar?
...å sen vill ja' börja om.
...men du "kan inte", "får inte", "vill inte", nej!

E re så vi vill att vi ska bli en dag
så får ni faktiskt betala bra!