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[1374954597] d

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does anyone post here
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[1373305243] Kpop general

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>tfw no bf
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[1370633719] Acoustic Singer/Songwriter

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Hey all

Just wanted to leave two songs I did recently and see what you think. I have nobody to show this to, so I'd appreciate some opinions. I know my singing is bad bud I tried my best. Everything is record by myself. The drums are loops though.


[1369824849] Been looking for same music vid for 10 years

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Hey, been looking for this fucking music video for 10 years, but don't know ANY of the lyrics or the artist or anything, and i was told /mu/ could help me :')

Its a REALLY short music video, like 1 minute maybe, black/white, a guy in a cell gts put in the electric chair and drives away with a female on a motorcycle after thes become a skeleton.


[1174191460] Black Metal

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So what are your Favourite Black Metal bands?

for me its Cradle of Filth or Satyricon
but Cradle of filth has better vocal than Satyricon.
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