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[1371696309] BASED MUSIC

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What is this stuff they call "Based Music"?

[1369413890] Music General

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Bumping some cool tunes? Have some thoughts on a new release? Post 'em here.
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[1376999562] Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift
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[1196719233] Learning Guitar

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Picking up a squier Bullet as my first guitar.

I'm a little overwhelmed - what are some easy songs to learn first? Nirvana?
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[1375219384] Music to worship Satan

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Do you guys know any (good) music to worship or summon demons from/with? Something a bit subliminal and easy going, to play in a store or at a birthday party perhaps. Thanks in advance!
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[1375583329] .....

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Doom metal anyone

[1376116196] Musician

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[1376173747] 24 hours left for this Kickstarter!

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Check it out. Full band sounds very akin to Mumford & Sons meets Paramore. Thanks for listening!