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random F1 cars

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dumping some F1 cars
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The Range Rover approaches the quiet river to drink from the calm waters...
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>that guy who hurries to pull out in front of you, and then doesn't accelerate, causing you to use the brakes
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Just got fired from a car rental place cause

>lol old ladies in charge of taking their menopause medication

Ask me anything.
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hey guys i'm kinda busy right now.
if i leave my completely strock unmolested 1995 honda civic here could you look after it for me?

thanks guys , back in a bit.
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Pretty sure this will be the next step up for people with tiny dicks. It's the poor man's hummer replacement. Nice and to the point, too.
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ITT shit in your car/cars you owned that makes you go "what the FUCK were they thinking when they designed this?"

>Dip stick is a bitch to put in and take out because of its awkward ass shape. Also who the fuck puts the reading hash on the opposite side of the stick so the first thing you see after pulling it out is nothingness?
>Yeah lets put the rubber clutch line under the exhaust manifold so it stretches and makes the pedal stick on hot days.

>Let's put over 9000 2 inch rubber cooling lines under the manifold.

>vr6 gti
>Mein fuhrer, I've been browsing the vw vortex and the users are complaining about superior(shitty) german electric systems. We'll have to show them REAL german ingenuity. Officer Hoffen Himmer, start making the water impellers in the water pumps out of plastic!. What better material to make a high stress part in high temperatures than plastic?
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/o/ meetup in NJ

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Did people go?
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It is nearing completion. Discuss.
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