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Random thoughts about what different brands tell about people driving them. The cliche generalization thread.


Finland, Europe

Everybody keeps talking shit about Ford so much its almost funny. Classic Fords are reliable but I have no experience about the 90's Fords. I keep seeing these 90's eurofords abandoned all over the place. Haven't seen any newer ones though which is weird. Cops don't drive Mondeos that much anymore. They are using mostly VW Vans now.

Classic Chevys are generally driven by good people. Chevy Cruze has a good reputation but nobody seems to drive any newer Chevys. Classic Chevys have god tier reputation because they are easy to fix and parts are relatively cheap even in Finland and easily found.

The new Chrysler 300 was the shit to general public. Has turned out to be a shit tier car since its in the top of the line at the failed at inspection list. Have brought couple of interesting looking cars out to the markets but after the early excitement has worn off these have been quickly forgotten. Doesen't really say anything.

"So you are a mopar man?" The debate between GM and Mopar products from the 80's is relatively dead and used only in humouristic sense anymore. No matter what you drive its good if its American is the new motto today. Dodge hasn't let me down yet. Also slant super six is considered a legendary motor.

Hard to get parts for classic Caddies. You don't see anybody driving the new ones. Old DeVilles are starting to be a common site in enthusiastic meets.

First thought was "Koreans makes cars?" I've been hearing they build decent cars which are also cheaper. Seeing these new KIAs everywhere now.