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Alright /fit/, prepare your feels.

>be 19
>go to new college
>meet a 16 y/o qt3.14
>she sits next to me
>start becoming good friends (inb4 friendzoned faggot)
>asks me to come round to help her with work
>go round hers to help her 2 or 3 times a week
>one week she asks me to watch a movie with her instead of working
>say alright.
>P.S I love you.
>she cries a little every time she finds a letter
>snuggles up to me
>hug her to try and stop her crying, don't want someone coming in to see her crying and me just sat there
>looks me in the eyes and says she likes me
>fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. I like her too but I don't know what to say
>"y-you too"
>she smiles and hugs me really tight
>when I leave to go home she kisses me out of nowhere. We didn't say we were going out we just said we like each other so was a little shocked
>"see you tomorow"
>"y-you too"

>go home, fap furiously to her
>go to school next day, asks me to go to hers again, says nobody's home
>go to hers
>as soon as we're inside we start making out, pulls me into her room and we're dry humping on her bed
>"I love you Anon."
>Wat. Getting a bad feeling this girl is not playing with a full deck
>end up both naked in her bed kissing anyway, she was stroking my cock but no handjob (dem blueballs)
>end up asking her out, fuck it.

>tfw qt3.14 gf
>go everywhere
>fall in love with her too
>be with her for 11 months
>yesterday get a call from her saying her family is moving away tonight
>"wtf tonight? how can you go so soon? what's wrong? wtf? where are you going?"
>"Sorry I'll text you tomorrow"
>go to school today, not there
>go round her house today
>nobody home
>go into town to buy some cigs and a lottery ticket
>go back, not there.
>she's dissapeared into thin air
>tell my mom she's gone
>"who's gone?"
>"Lauren's gone. You know, my gf?"
>"I don't know what you're talking about"
>"Do you have Alzheimer's?"
>she gets mad at me
>go to my room and try to find her on facebook
>no statuses