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Tell us the following about your Region/State/Province/City/More specific than Country...

>Where do you Live
North Idaho, USA, aka Inland Northwest
>What do you like about your location?
Beautiful mountains and lakes. 96% white Demographic = Extremely low crime rate. Four Distinct seasons. small population, relatively unknown.
>What do you dislike about the area?
Fucked up police force/judicial system. Extremely conservative mindset due to a huge amount of retired white republicans. Non existent night life. Overall boring place to live.
>Who would you recommend to visit?
Anyone who loves the outdoors without the huge amounts of tourists. Whoever loves camping, hiking, boating, kayaking, etc.
>Who would you recommend to keep their distance?
Anyone who expects anything other than the enjoyment of nature as entertainment.
>Within 200 miles, where would you visit?
Missoula, Montana for the change of political ideology and similar natural surroundings.
>Something interesting only a local would know about?
Check out lake Pend Orielle (see pic) and Farragut National Forest which is on the southern tip of the Lake. It is one of the largest, deepest, most beautiful, mountain lakes in the Western United States. The National Forest offers top notch camping and beauty in the summer. The small town of Bayview on the lake holds the Annual Bayview Days from the 2nd through 4th of July. The town turns into a beer garden for 3 days and has amazing fireworks to top off the night of 4th of July. Always a good time.

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