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OH shit it's another Japan thread! cont.

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alright dont know what happened but im back.

is there enough interest for me to keep up my posts? something came up and couldnt post for a while.

anyway, Osaka is basically killing us. The people here all have attitudes and it's taking it tolls on us mentally. We went to another bar and had some fun. Be careful with the girls there though, they seem interested and flirty but they generally have a bf and just want to practice english or have some attention. the girl my buddy was hitting on all night, had her bf at the bar and it ended up he was sitting next to me the whole night with out us knowing. word of advice if you defintely dont have prospects to get a girl into a love hotel or are not planning to stay out til 5 am partying hit the last train, other wise you're going to pay the ridiculous peak time taxi fees. fun story about that night though, the guys that were drinking with us ended up buying two bottles at the bar and shared them around. bill totalled in the $200 area all paid for by a nice guy practicing his english.

we havent really done much in Osaka either, this place has an attitude to it and it sucks. also were in typhoon mode so it's been pissing like a race horse here.

today we hit up Kyoto again to get some last minute shopping done since we only have a 6 days left. this country is taking its toll on our souls because it feels a little dead not being able to strike up conversations with people in the streets due to the culture and a lack of control of the language. hopefully tomorrow night we'll have some fun at the bar for our last night in osaka. cheers.

pic is a love hotel rates for those interested