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ecchi thread
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/r/ thread

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Way too many requests taking up space from normal threads.

So /r/ any original walls you need here. I'll start with this one.
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Christmas Wall papers

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Ok its thanks giving and I need some wall papers for Christmas

Anything Goes
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Asuka/ Rei wallpapers plox
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Ok /w/, I started a Asuka Thread and now its nowhere in sight. Are you telling me that I sat in a freezing cold truck for 2 hours and dumped all i can into /w/; for gods sake the Rei thread has been here for 3 weeks, and you Twats couldn't even keep Asuka up for 1? im insulted and hurt. Ill try this again.
Oh yea, Im looking for good, Full body walls that i can edit and turn into Tattoos, i plan for Rei on the Right arm and Asuka on the Left.
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I wanna make a vector out of this. What software do you guys use?
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bebop anyone?
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