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Because /r/ is for porn, does anyone have the original of this?
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One hell of a butler

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Can I please have some GOOD, SIMPLE Kuroshitsuji wallpapers..? I'm tired of making shitty screenshots like this one.
Widescreen would be nice, but not necessary.
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Post some tsukihime walls.


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Can it be Gintama time noaw?
Recently started to watch this and its fucking awesome so far, Ill post the 6 ive got
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I need Wide screen Wall of any anime 1280x800 pref

Pic very related

Bleach Walls

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Time for Bleach walls. Doesn't matter wat story arc its from, jus dump 'em. Especially if you have any walls of light and dark Zangetsu. That would be most appreciated
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Death Note walls, please.
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ITT: OS-tan

/r/ing moar program related OS-tan
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