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Dawn of War 40k wallpapers please!
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Time for some Kannagi
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I made this wallpaper and it sucks.
help me out guys. anything like this but better?
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I need some good guro wallpapers. Needs to be at least 768x1024. Not looking for echii pics, more just rooms full of chunks of meat and pools of blood. I plan to put it on my laptop @ work. :P
Pic nt' related, but I like.

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Eureka 7 Thread!!!!!!


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I'm starting a Yaoi thread nao. Please post any Yaoi pics you have!
Try to keep it work safe, though. I'm not making a hentai thread.

Crossdressing is a-okay

and extra bonus points for widescreen wallpaper of a 1680*1050 resolution or higher!

Picture not yaoi, but L is teh sexxx
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Looking for the original of this/non shitty text version.

Also general Christmas thread since its nearing that time of year.