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> be unemployed with NRA instructor certs inna Midwest
> can only scrounge up two or three private lessons a week
> some guy at a coffee shop says he likes my look and asks I want a job as a bartender
> it's a gay bar
> a really gay gay bar
> awesome place once you get used to it, even for straightfags, get tons of tips
> overhear two customers talking about local gay bashings
> tell them I'm a handgun instructor of they want to learn about self-defense/get their CC permits
> they schedule lessons on the spot
> goes really well but think nothing of it
> check business inbox one week later
> dozens of requests for classes
> rolling in dosh
> now whenever I go to range it's full of people from gay community
> last time I went there I saw a old guy with a Korea Vet cap happily showing off his Garand to two dudes in tank tops and neon short shorts
> Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was playing over the range speakers

Did...did I do good, /k/?