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Let's have another /d/iscussion, shall we - though, this one is more focused than the previous one.

Inspired by the thread about Mind Control and Hypnosis which is going to die soon due to age, let's discuss the concept of 'control' in a relationship.

Let's talk about the dom/sub relationship - which one are you (or would prefer to be)? What are some of your more favorable experiences as one or the other? Do you prefer such things in person, or have you only experimented with this online (or never discussed it before)?

It may be uncomfortable, of course, for people to discuss horror stories and such, but if you are willing to share those, that is fine, as well.

As a subset of this discussion, what is your stance on mind control and hypnotism? I am interested to see both sides of this discussion, as it was intimated that many people here in /d/ are quite staunchly against the destruction of the persona - in real life. However, in the context of fantasy, it is quite exciting to just as many people. Why is that?