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[1393187206] The cute little girls in my neighborhood

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While I would fuck a little girly boy or two, I really like girls. And there's quite a lot of them in my neighborhood. So many hot, cute little angels. I see them playing and running around, you know what I feel like doing? Sucking their sweaty vagina and anus. I want those cute little goddesses in my home, after a playful afternoon when they're all smelly, I want them to step on my face so I can suck their toes. I want to lick their feet, their pussies and their delicious buttholes and then have them all pee on my face. I want them to drink a lot of water and then do it again and again. I want them to piss on a full 2 liter jar and make me drink it, while spitting and slapping my face.

Then I want them all to wear big strap-ons and fuck my girlfriend while they point out how pathetically small I am, how I should be glad I even let them fuck my girlfriend in front of me. I want them to fuck her repeatedly, until she's nearly passing out from all the orgasms, while I suck their butts until my tongue is sore.

Finally I want them all to tie my gf and slap her and force her to drink their delicious yellow watery loli nectar, while I stand directly below her and am forced to drink it all.