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[1395477515] What is the Facesitting of Moses?

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I've been getting a few emails in so I've decided, instead of replying to each one indivisually, to simply post a topic about it here.

What is The Facesiiting of Moses?

The Facesitting of Moses (or FOM) is a society of people who celebrate the act of facesitting upon biblical characters (most often Moses). Facesitting is a sexual practise, in which one partner (usually the dominant one) sit's on the face of the sub allowing anal/oral access. This may also entail the prevention of breathing.

FOM has a cult following around the world and is thought to now have over 80 members. It was originally founded on 4Chan in early 2007 and is gaining popularity around the web.

The current official FOM symbol:

(__)_) <--- Ass
m-'.'-m  <--- Moses

Earlier version:

( )( ) <--- Ass
0_0  <--- Moses

Controversy in the media

Much hysteria sprung up after the founding of FOM, with some going as far as calling it "a sacriligious movement", "shameless" and "lame shit". The FOM leader responded to these claims with "Both the followers of FOM and myself appreciate the fact that some non-believers may not be able to understand why we behave in the way we do, why we feel the way we do. The fact is, you have Christianity. You have Budhism. You now have The Facesitting of Moses. What is the big problem? I fail to see why we are not allowed to express our believes just like anybody else.".

This article has been taken from the Fom.com website (a work in progress. Coming soon!).

(__)_) <--- Ass
m-'.'-m  <--- Moses

I will be happy to answer any questions you have.