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New Epic Technique

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Has anyone here heard of the "Jacob's Ladder" technique? I happened to come across a link describing it about an hour ago. At first I was completely lost. It's EXTREMELY complex to understand. Once I started to figure out what exactly it is, I nearly shit myself with glee. I haven't been so excited about how a new technique will improve my processing since frequency separation. This will completely revolutionize the way we correct color and adjust contrast. Wow, I still can't believe it. The sheer amount of control and versatility is mind-boggling. For me, black and white conversions, contrast, saturation boosts, and hue correction will never be done the same way again. Once you understand it, I think you'll agree.

I'm not at a level where I can explain it clearly yet, but here's the gist of it. Anyone who's familiar with working in LAB mode will be a step ahead. It copies the LAB (also RGB and CYM if you wish) channels and brings them into the layer panel so we can use adjustment layers on them. This somehow allows the channels to act as luminosity mask of sorts which filter how the curve adjustments affect the image. With this comes a tremendous amount of control over the color channels and luminosity values of the image. This one will definitely need a video tutorial for me to be able to explain effectively. Wow, I still can't believe this is possible. Check out what I was able to do with the attached image when I barely understood how to work this method. This is insane!!!