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/b/ is better at photography than /p/

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> Photography isn't just nice images:
> it's stating that something happened;
> it's an action before, during and after the shot;
> it's a mean of relating to others and other things.
> it's much more. Let's not limit /p/ to just nice images.

Long version:
This is my point: /b/ is more aware of the inner workings of photography than /p/ itself. You don't believe it, do you? Well, I'll show you in three points!

1) First of all /p/ looks at photographs just as nice or cool images. This is not a bad thing itself, but it's just ONE of the possibilities!

Photographs are also a way of stating that some things have been and are not: take your childhood pictures, your ex gf images or the ones of a dead friend or relative. Look at them. If you feel nostalgia, anger, shame it's not because they are cool or symbolic images. It's because photography works this way: it shows you in the present a piece past. /b/ realizes this when is asking you a timestamp on your boobs or when says "pics or it didn't happen".

/b/ knows inconsciously that photography works by stating the past. /p/ doesn't: /p/ looks at photographs as nice paintings, giving a shit about this link with reality and past.

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