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Micro Bikini Oily Dance Ultimate Collection

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Movies in this release:
High Grade Dance
Micro Bikini Dance Vol. 1
Micro Bikini Oily Dance 1
Micro Bikini Oily Dance 2
Micro Bikini Oily Dance 3
Oily Body Dance
Oily Body-Erotica Dance
Dance Spirit Wet Gals


We bring to you 8 softcore movies involving Japanese ladies dancing erotically covered in oil, water, and/or sweat. The movies are complete and since there will likely be no more entries in this specific genre (that are worth a damn, anyway) this collection is complete as well. The girls are all mentioned in the file names, so look there for specifics.

Maybe you've seen these movies before, but probably not like this: in full 60 frames per second. That's right all of these movies have been tenderly ripped to extremely high quality 60 FPS clips split by scene. What does that mean for you the fapper? It means you get to watch these movies with perfectly fluid motion just as they were meant to be seen.

All files are standard MP4 containers with AAC audio streams and a x264 (AVC) video stream. We've constructed this release to be DXVA compatible as well as natively compatible on the PS3 and Xbox360. No transcoding necessary.

You will find all screenshots and covers included in the torrent, but you can also download them here: http://depositfiles.com/en/files/u1lxcabx5

Enjoy, fap, seed

- The Omega P