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I was reading this article recently, and it impressed upon me how subtle, deep and meaningful the art of storytelling can be, especially with games. There's so much potential, so many things you can do, so many layers of meaning you can create.

I tried to do this in a game of mine recently, but my players seemed more interested in combat, even when I put up an experience reward for anyone who realised the meaning of the quests they did and what exactly their choices meant, and said about their characters.

I now try to do this in all of my games, admittedly without the xp reward and obviousness, but I think that telling a story is incredibly important and vital to a good, memorable game or story.

Has anyone had a game like this? Where they figured out the history and purpose of a dungeon they were in, or found a deeper meaning in the story that played out in their campaign?
Or if you've done this sort of thing yourself.