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I'll just leave this thread here in case people want to continue discussing the worl/d/s they happen to have within their minds. The other thread isn't up on archives yet, I don't think, but if you missed the first boat, here is another one.

How would the economy of a hodgepodge lan/d/ of fetishes work? Semen would no doubt play a large role as a currency and commodity, as many monster girls require it for sustenance (such as slimes, etc.) - this would imply that there would be such factories or farms where dickgirls and guys clock in and spend their work day ejaculating into a bucket. In order to keep the semen 'fresh' for transport, they are stored in women. It also adds a certain level of extra flavor to the semen, much in the same way how liquor adopts certain qualities when brewing in barrels.

Hmm, the more I think about it, the more interesting this gets? I don't know anymore.

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Self-bondage thread
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I got bored and made this. Does /d/ like?
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Hey /d/, I have a question about BDSM stuff.

I like the sub/dom relationship part of it. I like the control or lack thereof and to a lesser extent I like light bondage stuff.

I really don't like the humiliation or giving/receiving pain aspects.

Is this odd or are there a lot of people who feel similarly? It always seems like those more 'hardcore' aspects are emphasised.

Pic related to /d/ but not to topic.

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I am going to post one page of this comic at a time every five minutes until somebody tells me what the fuck its plot is.
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Anybody know the artist/source for this?
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