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[1390204965] Success Coach

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Who is your favourite success coach ? Mine is below :

• Lutes International : http://www.lutesinternational.com

• Jim Britt : http://jimbritt.com

[1393026224] How much do you hate SFBE!

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Come tell the truth how much do you hate that fuckface SFBE!!!
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[1392963957] Intellectual Honesty

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Intellectual Honesty: An enterprise-based alternative to PUA methods for picking up girls or being professionally successful

I'm sorry guys, I think I know why you guys are so uptight: you're just not getting any at all.

That's why I'm devising a PUA method to help you guys both in your professional and love life, called INTELLECTUAL HONESTY. I bet most of you already practice it, you just need to apply your little programming or engineering minds to the issue of personal relationships, work relationships, etc, etc.

Here's a brief introduction, if you have any questions please feel free to ask away: http://www.pick-up-artist-forum.com/post838459.html

[1392749131] Hello US imgrants.

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Dont forget to grow the indoor food plants, as in the most expensive foods that save you money where going to the store costs more, becouase doing this you can save money have more equiptment, and even cost the united states more money by useing the electricity.
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[1174468805] ID:Heaven

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How do you "get" it?
Or is it just luck?
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[1392916909] Fuck Cuomo and his energy plan

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Why?  Well, JUST BECAUSE for starters.

Second, who wants even more monster electric poles looming in over our neighborhoods?  We have enough trouble as is finding a decent fucking place to live, now we gotta worry about avoiding electrocution from 10,000-odd megawatt voltages that could fry and explode our neighborhoods!

Rip apart the legislation already!  We gonna build batteries to keep the lights in our houses going!!  FUCK THE POWER COMPANIES!  FUCK THEM ALL!!!!

[1241807281] you are a gay porn director

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Your task is to make the gayest porn ever.  How do you make it happen?
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[1252294672] marijuana

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every one who uses or suports marijuana put pictures and posters of marijusna every wher you posibly can
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