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[1391760976] Con Man

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Indeed, these investigative whistle-blowers are actively working to enforce real criminal consequences against those involved in the manipulation of the Libor benchmark interest rates and precious metals.

Bafin's current investigation into precious metals manipulation (perceived to be even worse than Libor) is actually expected to result in criminal charges, unlike the CFTC's...

And the U.S. just slammed J.P. Morgan with a $2 billion penalty in relation to the Madoff scandal.

Additionally, J.P. Morgan signed off on $543 million worth of settlements with investors who incurred grand losses in the aftermath of the Madoff Ponzi scheme.

Meanwhile, we've been getting Outsiders acquainted with the biggest Ponzi scheme since the Madoff scandal... : http://www.angelnexus.com/o/web/55470

The good news is that America is waking up to the truth of the matter. And all these events will impact the physical market for precious metals in a profound way.

The free-money paper asset bubble is about to burst...

That said, it's time we revisit an important history lesson in order to plot our next move as investors.

[1377769447] Betting

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[1330020688] Sex Tips Thread

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Jerk off in the shower. Easy clean up!
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[1392422743] Tol SFBE

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[1194572154] FBI on 4chan?

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We have been browsing these boards for quite the time now. During the past few days there have been many concerns on "undercover" agents.

Well, first of all, we are not working as undercover. We simply are  required to spend some time browsing "suspected" sites that generate real world threats.

Having said that, please do not email us regarding offensive or illegal websites.

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Just dreaming of sucking a nigger dick turns me on!!! does it turn you on thinking of big cock in your mouth?

[1371395539] Useful Skills

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[1152342829] YouTube

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doesn't YouTube rock?
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[1386355632] Braless

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[1392269707] Hilo Latino!

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Este es un hilo para practicar Castellano. Por favor compórtensen y corregir todo que ves mal. Gracias y adios!

FYI: Yo no soy hispano
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