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[1227790795] 中出しされる喜び

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With luck, some time from now, searching "中出しされる喜び" on Google will return this thread as the first hit.
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[1394397169] I NEED TO BE RAPED

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[1394312545] planting false fag

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Why do guys on the radio keep yapping about false fags.  A blowjob is a blowjob -- the dude's a real fag, don't fret about it.
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[1394012871] Why isn't religion dead already?

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Is it just me, or has religion really boomed after the turn of the millenia?
...because I refuse to believe, that the same planet where its inhabitants play around with quantum physics, is the same planet where the majority actually believe that supernatural superheroes exist. They believe in the equivalent of Santa Claus and build nuclear bombs, and the one country with the most nukes, still has religious wars against other countries.
When the most important job in the world, does not screen people for schitzophrenic delusions, then why are we so eager to focus on building smaller transistors, when that's not the main problem?

We have mass communication now. We've had it for awhile. We not only have radio, but television, and better yet: The internet. ...and anyone who has access to the internet, has access to sites like Wikipedia, where you can look up how things actually work in the world, scientifically.

...and with these advances at our fingertips, I would have expected that people would almost *accidentally* discover that the Bible is a fairly tale, along with all the other religious texts.

...but no, this isn't a new age of enlightenment. This is an age of stupidity. Instead of learning how the world actually works, nutters use the internet to learn how to present themselves, and win debates, and how to appear as if they're right, and as long as there is a single nutcase believing in some weird religion, you can count on at least YouTube being there for him to make him famous. You can get subscribers even if you're *stupid* enough, because people will watch that for entertainment.

...but it's not really the *extreme* nutters that baffle me. It's the statistics that show how *many* nutters there are. "The western world" has long been a synonym with civilization, so when I learned that the *majority* of all people in the US, are complete idiots, I completely lose faith in humanity. I would expect some native tribes in the jungle of Africa, to still believe in gods, because they don't have the means to look up how stuff works on Wikipedia, so they *have* to rely on more primitive theories, but it turns out that the US is just as bad.

Even in this day, with all the archeological and astronomical discoveries we've made, people still have the audacity to claim that atheists can't prove that God doesn't exist. ...and atheists *go along* with this, and say that they *can't* prove that God doesn't exist, despite science being able to disprove Genesis, skeptics listing lots and lots of absurdities and inconsistencies, and the obvious lack of anything supernatural or miraculous in the world (that isn't debunked as hoaxes within months). The atheists are just barely more intelligent than the religious people on this planet!

When you are taught science in school, atheism ceases to be "just another belief". Christians often pose the question "Well what if God came down from Heaven and appeared before you, would you believe in him then?", and anybody reasonable would do that if they were confronted with evidence, yet every child in the western world is confronted with evidence of a godless universe in science class, where no factor in any equation is "The will of God". ...and at that point, when you are confronted with the evidence, atheism ceases to be a belief, and becomes plain sanity, and all the beliefs in gods, become insanity. It's not even stupidity anymore, when you can easily access any part of what you might have missed in class, on Wikipedia. Religion is now a schizophrenic delusion - especially the largest religion in the world: Christianity.

At least during the cold war, people took nuclear weapons seriously. They were afraid, and they *should* be afraid. They should *still* be afraid, but not because of some *other* country, but the leaders of their *own* country "acting with accordance to the Bible", or "hearing God commanding them".

Even now the US is still torturing random people in camps, and shooting people in the streets, because the last president was a nutcase. ...and if the voting results are to be believed, most people in the US is okay with that. It wasn't just *other* countries that he destroyed, as he systematically robbed his own country both of money and privacy, while chanting "Freedom!".

...but Bush didn't use nukes. He did a lot of crazy things, but he didn't use nukes. ...which is just sheer luck, considering how nuts he was. Would he have done that, then maybe even a *lot* of you would go "Heeey! Wait a minute!", because it looks like *that*'s what it takes to make you get that electing him president, wasn't such a great idea. ...after which the majority of you, have about a days worth left to live on this planet before the nukes explode all over the place. ...but for at least that day, you'd reconsider whether a religious person would be mentally fit enough to be in any position of power.

It's not hard to screen for it either. Instead of "Do you believe in flying green monkeys?", just ask "Do you believe in a god?". Yes, it's called religious discrimination, and it needs to be legalized throughout the world, because we can't have it run by nutters.
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[1175175571] Is /b/ good again?

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is /b/ good again?
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[1371414330] The official mock SFBE thread

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all you guy were asking for it and now it's here the official mock SFBE /lounge/ thread.

SFBE (SuperFratBoyExtreme) also goes by the names below:
>:(   coolguys  AngstyMcSkullFace  >: >; ;> Super4ChanHaterExtreme SBFEPissedOff SBFEHatesImittators SFBEDoesNOT!!!! ShitheadTrollFuck FuckYouAsshole  TheFuck? SBFEsaysFUCKYOU SBFEyouALL SFBE4Real&HatesEveryone DonkeyBalls CowShit *CowShit*

Let it rip!
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[1394159591] А ВОТ И Я - КЛОУН МАККЕЙН

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Тоталитарные режимы угнетают свободных людей. Репрессии КГБ обрушиваются на нашу жизнь. Возродившаеся Империя Зла двинула орду орков на захват вильной Украины. Танковые дивизии КГБ уже захватили Крым, сжигают и терроризируют мирное население, изнасилованы сотни тысяч украинок. В Донецк, Харьков, Одессу и Луганска завезены сотни титушек из Белгородоской области, которые изображают из себя народ Украины, срывают государственные флаги, заменяя их на путинские тряпки, избивают мирных демонстрантов Правого Сектора. Слезинка ребенка под угрозой, плачут совестливые геи. Доколе?

В этот тяжелый час руководство Украины объявило всеобщую мобилизацию. Перед военкоматами в городах Украины образовались многочисленные толпы, десятки тысяч козаков ринулись добровольцами на защиту жовто-блакитного прапора. Майдан негодует и уже провел митинг протеста, который существенно снижает шансы оккупантов. Разом нас богато. Тем более что заграница нам поможет. Запад с нами.

[1393621747] The Rape of SFBE

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would make a great lifetime movie!

[1393818958] Hard Cider

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I don't drink strong liquor and if you call me a light weight I don't care. I drink hard cider from a 500ml can and at %5 ALC/VOL that's 25ml of alcohol, which is all I need to get drunk. Stop calling it a bitch drink! It's good and that's the only reason you need to know why I prefer it over beer and other alcoholic beverages.