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[1392334986] ;_;

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If you have a small dick you're basically a baby in the eyes of a woman. Here's the chart

8.5in+ Pushing it. Size Queens will like you but normal girls will be scared

8in Not too big not too small. Perfect sizes. Girls will fall in love with your cock

7-7.5in You can get away with it with good sex moves but girls will always be wanting something more from you

6-6.5in Study hard and become a millionaire because money is the only thing that will make girls stick around

5-5.5in Novelty at this point. Women will sleep with you just for the laughs from seeing your tiny cock.

4-4.5in and below Disgusting. Kill yourself.

[1392000111] Want high speed rail?

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TOO BAD!  You keep inflating our precious currencies so YOU ALL MUST DIE!!!!!


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Ron Paul announces his support for Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party candidate. Excerpt: "...neither candidate of the two major parties will challenge the status quo...The amazingly long campaign is designed to make sure the real issues are ignored..."


Chuck Baldwin and Ron Paul '08!
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[1392103783] 25 years still not deported.

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they haven't deported me yet its been 25 years.

[1392044346] USA Still dont use Chip and Pin Maybe in 2015

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You guys don't use this yet? Jeez! Almost 9 years since this came to the UK.

[1186334852] 4chan sucks, I have found a new home!

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[1391996186] The Beatles celebrate their 50th....

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[1392024788] No Homo

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I am not gay but I totally want to get fucked in the ass. I want to suck a dick.

But a relationship with a guy is too gay. Fuck faggots and their stupid lisps.

I wish girls had dicks, but I mean girls, not guys with boob jobs.

Are these normal feelings?