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[1329945313] stfu sfbe

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[1394048290] school shootings.

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why will they shoot up schools but never will burn down the deed offices? i thought of shooting up sschools then was redirected to the lybrary of congress and deed offices.

someone should save everyones lives in those schools by passing aorund a no shoot up school police but to burn down deed offices.
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[1393187206] The cute little girls in my neighborhood

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While I would fuck a little girly boy or two, I really like girls. And there's quite a lot of them in my neighborhood. So many hot, cute little angels. I see them playing and running around, you know what I feel like doing? Sucking their sweaty vagina and anus. I want those cute little goddesses in my home, after a playful afternoon when they're all smelly, I want them to step on my face so I can suck their toes. I want to lick their feet, their pussies and their delicious buttholes and then have them all pee on my face. I want them to drink a lot of water and then do it again and again. I want them to piss on a full 2 liter jar and make me drink it, while spitting and slapping my face.

Then I want them all to wear big strap-ons and fuck my girlfriend while they point out how pathetically small I am, how I should be glad I even let them fuck my girlfriend in front of me. I want them to fuck her repeatedly, until she's nearly passing out from all the orgasms, while I suck their butts until my tongue is sore.

Finally I want them all to tie my gf and slap her and force her to drink their delicious yellow watery loli nectar, while I stand directly below her and am forced to drink it all.
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[1386583138] Stripper

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[1393930297] Calling all neets

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i made a thing for a thing and itll make me very happy if you fill this out thanks


[1393624773] Tesla Stock

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I bought 10 shares around $100 and now made $1000..  should i sell?
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[1393904639] hey guys i made a new sport.

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here is the sport, you find lists of active or passed military workers in any country, then you use phones or mail or long range radio anything, to get people near them to do stuff to do them. maybe anal rape, maybe pee, egg the house. break windows.. then a point system, and then a game of proof. so whoever can in competition do this then prove this. then off capability ratings and who wins. a civilian game.

maybe it could get soo popular that it would get on reddit.

[1393904949] List of Classified Sites

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[1393889315] crime on the job.

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ok so if needing crimnal tips, maybe based on common jobs investigated by news reporters... just go to them then tricking a FBI. anyhting a news reporter likely knows.. about any common areas.