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Sexy Sexy Keiichi

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His "Dear You -Trust-" I SWEAR it's good. It's also so hard to find on the interbutts.

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Randel Oland from Pumpkin Scissors ~
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Hey guys, guess what came out for the DS today?

Because it sure sounds to me like an excuse to make a Chrono Trigger thread!
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Gin is a cute male, isn't he?
Solo or with Aizen, but anyone will do.
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btw, anyone know who this artist is?
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I'm upset about Sackcloth and Ashes taking down their Monster fanart.

Let's have us a Monster thread, guys. Props for any Grimmer.
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Ganondorf is the cutest, coolest and the best.

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And you know it~

It doesn't matter if it's Oot, TP, or WW-Ganny.
I just need more Ganny pictures!

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Hey /cm/ I've came across a couple of pics like this, can anyone tell me where its from or who the character is?

I'll post what I have


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A few months ago, some kind anon started a thread here on /cm/ about Usamaru Furuya's Litchi Hikari Club along with scans of the final chapter.

Here's the translated version:

Unfortunately, I cannot translate the other chapters until scans of the raw are available. But, included is a .txt file with information on the story and characters. I'll release another link with the translated 4koma strips in a few weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving /cm/
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