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class video

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My friends friend made this for a class.


Pic unrelated.
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Sup guys. How can i do artworks like this?

I am a noob so please help. I understand that i need DAZ 3D but what then?

Where can i find models and clothes?
Also, DAZ is really hard. Is there an easier program?

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What does /ic/ think about this?

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Help me, friends!
I can't draw. The love of my life is back for just the holiday weekend. I want to draw her a picture. I need some really really basic cute stuff to draw.

Help me, kind sirs. (:

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Hey guys, I just finished this painting, gonna varnish it soon. Thoughts? Likes/dislikes?
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help w/ 30 second drawings

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heysup /ic/ i was wondering how i could improve my 30 second drawings... like what im doing wrong and how to fix it. Also, most of the time I don't finish a drawing. Any other tips are appreciated too.

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WIP-That-Might-Never-Be-Finished, like 99% of my stuff. I suck, I know.

Niples are fail, noted. Light source is non-existant, noted.

Fapable, however? Halp me here, /ic/.
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I have a shit ton of blank CDs and useless ones.
What should i make with them?